Colorolio Offers Tiered Discounts on Its Set of Colored Pencils

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In appreciation of its customers, Colorolio is announcing a tiered discount available immediately on their premier set of colored pencils. Colorolio Exemplar, a set of 24 wax based colored pencils can now be purchased at tiered discounts through Colorolio states that buying two (2) pencil sets earn the buyer a 5% discount, three (3) pencil sets earn the buyer a 10% discount, four (4) pencil sets earn the buyer a 15% discount, and five (5) sets earn the buyer a 20% discount. 

"We felt the time leading up to Thanksgiving was the perfect time to offer discounts to our customers for a short while," says Peter Rasputin, Operations Manager at Colorolio.  "In schools, children are involved in arts and crafts at this time of year.  Children use colored pencils for construction paper crafts, pop up cards, and Thanksgiving themed drawings.  Their parents use them for scrapbooking projects as well as in-house entertainment as the weather begins to turn colder in the Northeastern part of the United States."  

Rasputin finishes by saying, "We want as many people as possible to enjoy these pencils, as we head into the Holiday Season." 

Colorolio's 24 set of colored pencils is presented in a elegant case providing safe storage and travel capability for the artist on-the-go.  Pencils breaking in transit is not uncommon.  Colorolio addresses this real world concern by adding a molded chamber to all its sets providing protection for the pencils inside. 

Pricing & Availability
Colorolio Exemplar set of 24 artist grade colored pencils are available exclusively today through Pricing details, technical specifications, and a full list of features and benefits are available online at

Colorolio Exemplar features some of the highest quality drawing instruments available on the market today. Whether one is drawing still lifes, designing costumes, touching up previous work, or even creating comic book characters, everything appears vibrant, detailed and sharp, delivering an unrivaled drawing experience. Colorolio stands by their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, details of which are available on their website.