Three Surprising Reasons Why Adult Coloring Books are So Popular

   Adult coloring books have surged in popularity as of late.  Sales for artist quality colored pencils have never been more in demand as grown-ups turn to a hobby they probably abandoned decades ago.  Although "adult coloring books" sounds potentially naughty, it has nothing to do with "mature themes".  Publications like The Atlantic and The Huffington Post have taken notice of the adult coloring phenomenon.  Rather than talking cartoon animals, adult coloring books feature abstract designs, mandalas, having more in common with Pollock than Disney. Graphic Designers these days are creating work specifically for adults to color.  Still, how did we get here with workaday professionals picking up where their ten year old selves left off?  Why is adult coloring so popular?  Here are three great reasons why:
    1.) BRAIN-BODY BENEFITS.  Like Yoga, meditation, or prayer, the quiet concentration needed for applying color to images can be a soothing experience.  This creative, personal activity can lower blood pressure, pulse rate, while calming the nervous system.  This fosters quiet evenings at home and a better night's sleep.  Turning off the outside world in favor of the absorbing activity of creating a work of art builds an awareness of self through something both simple and inspiring.  
    2.) HASSLE FREE "ME" TIME.  It's hard to remember a world without the internet.  But, many adults of a certain age do.  A world without instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other 24/7 newsfeed nonsense.  That simpler world can be re-experienced through adult coloring books.  Peter Rasputin, Manager at Colorolio, an online seller of high quality colored pencils, says this seems to be a huge reason for their spike in sales. "We never imagined our colored pencils would be a favorite for adult coloring books."  Rasputin says he receives emails daily from customers with pictures of coloring work done with Colorolio colored pencils.   "People seem hungry for simplicity.  For a reason to unplug from their devices.   Coloring satisfies that hunger."
    3.) FAMILY TIME.  Coloring with your children engages their creativity at the same time it focuses their energy, making it the perfect before bedtime activity.   Kids need unplugging, too.  Coloring with Mom, Dad, (or Uncle Bob) can be a fantastic way for the whole family to collaborate.  This low tech, absorbing activity brings families together around the table, fostering conversation and communion.  The opposite of the sitting on the sofa watching TV experience.
    All in all, adult coloring is a healthy, low energy, highly imaginative activity that can foster greater self-awareness and peace when done solo or foster joy when done as a family.  Folks need to get away from their ithis and ithats occasionally. Coloring, as an activity, can be quickly picked up during breaks at work or home.  And in the end, one is left with a piece of original art.  So, grab a coloring book, some colored pencils, and experience the serenity that coloring offers.  It's as simple as filling the empty spaces with color.