Colorolio™ Exemplar debuts on Amazon.

The long awaited day has arrived!  Colorolio's debut product, an elegantly presented set of 24 artist's pencils, is now available for purchase on Amazon.  Featuring a Red Poplar, round barreled casing for ease and comfort, Colorolio's pencils offer the user a splendid set of essential colors for original works of art as well as for adult coloring books.

As the popularity of adult coloring books grows, more and more people will be looking for affordable alternatives to the massive sets of coloring pencils.  Something that slips very nicely into a hand bag or backpack, something portable and easy to carry.

We've designed our first product with just this in mind.  Both practical and attractive, Colorolio Exemplar, we believe, will offer you many charming experiences in whether your artistic ambitions are large or small.

Order your set today by clicking the link below.