Colorolio Meets the Critics!

Alfred Molina as critic Arthur H. Cartwright.  Copyright

Alfred Molina as critic Arthur H. Cartwright.  Copyright

Since we launched our premiere set of artist pencils - the Exemplar 24 Set - the reviews are beginning to trickle in.  We're humbled that initial reaction has been very positive.

Let’s take a look . . .

N2great says, “Candidly, I initially noticed the packaging which I thought was completely different. The actual pencils are wonderful. Easy to hold, great feel, the color lays down very smoothly.”

We’re proud of our box’s design.  It captures a thoroughly modern approach to pencil art that we feel is needed.  But, what's inside is what counts.  Glad you liked the pencils!

B. quinlan states, “ I often sketch with colored pencils and these are fantastic; beautiful, vibrant colors, perfect for renderings! I also love the durable case, but I do wish it had a latch or stayed closed a little tighter for traveling purposes.

We hear you, B.Q.!  Please send us your drawings.  We’d love to feature them on the site.

Here’s a post from someone who likes to use our colored pencils for Adult Coloring Books (not as naughty as it sounds).

Bellakat says, “I bought these pencils and find them perfect for my latest way to release stress. They can lay down color either in a soft wash or with a rich opacity depending on how much pressure you use. The colors themselves are lovely.”

For more pages like this, visit

For more pages like this, visit

Glad you’re enjoying them, Bellakat!

Have you used our pencils to make some awesome works of art?  Maybe you just like doodling or coloring with them.  Please share your creations with us.  We may put them up on our website and Facebook page.

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