Colorolio Announces Release Of Its Innovative Pebble Eraser

Handles mistakes both big and small.

Handles mistakes both big and small.

Colorolio announces its latest product: the Colorolio Pebble Eraser.  After almost selling out of its initial supply of the Colorolio Exemplar, a set of 24 wax based colored pencils, the new company is introducting an ergonomic eraser for graphite pencils.  Shaped similarly to a bar of soap, the Pebble Eraser comes packaged individually in a translucent case, which the company states makes it ideal for gift giving.  Unlike many brick like erasers many artists are familiar with, the Pebble Eraser comes in vibrant green, red, and yellow colors.  Colorolio feels that the Pebble eraser will appeal to two demographics: children for its attractive shape and colors and older adults who will appreciate it for how easy it is to hold.

"We're very excited to be expanding our line of products," says Peter Rasputin, Operations Manager at Colorolio.  "This past December saw a rush of sales and positive feedback on our initial offering.  This demonstrated to us the viability of our approach; attractively designed, unique products for creators of all ages."  Rasputin states that following the release of the Pebble Eraser, the company is planning on revamping its Exemplar 24 set of colored pencils with a "2.0" version.  He anticipates an April release for this set.  "We want to continue to expand our product line to our growing list of customers."

Colorolio's Pebble Eraser is made for graphite, charcoal, and chalk media.  It is not intended for wax or oil media.  The Pebble Eraser utility is designed for being comfortable to hold as well as useful for erasing thin lines and thick streaks. Additionally, the Pebble Eraser is intended for a cleaner experience than traditional rubber erasers, leaving little residue with no color transference. 

Availability and Pricing

Colorolio's Pebble Eraser is now available exclusively on  Colorolio recently announced a scratch and dent sale of its Exemplar set of 24 artist grade colored pencils as well. Pricing details, technical specifications, and a full list of features and benefits for both products are available online at

Colorolio features some of the highest quality tools for artists and writers available on the market today. Whether one is drawing still lifes, designing costumes, sketching for fun, or even creating comic book characters, Colorolio creates elegant tools for creators that are both fun and practical. Colorolio stands by their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, details of which are available on their website.