Colorolio Announces VIP Club for Artists and Deal Seekers

Coinciding with the release of its latest product, the Pebble Eraser, Colorolio is announcing an innovative program for its customers called The VIP CLUB. By registering their name and email address at, customers can now participate in pre-sale product sampling and receive coupons for deeply discounted products.  Additionally, Colorolio VIP Club members will receive advance notice regarding special deals, such as discounts off multiple purchases as well as helpful tips and tricks.  

Colorolio's VIP Club introductory offer is 50% off one Pebble Eraser.  Shaped like a smoothed over pebble from a river bed, the Pebble Eraser comes packaged in a translucent case, which the company states makes it ideal for gift giving.  Unlike most brick shaped erasers, the Pebble Eraser comes in varied colors: Lime Green, Strawberry Red, and Lemon Yellow.  Colorolio feels that the Pebble Eraser will appeal to young artists because of its modern shape and colors as well as older adults who will appreciate its comfortable feel.  Additionally, the Pebble Eraser is intended for a cleaner experience than traditional rubber erasers, leaving little residue with no color transference. 

"We're excited about the VIP Club," says Peter Rasputin, Operations Manager at Colorolio.  When pressed on how long the 50% offer will be in effect, Rasputin shrugs.  "We'll see.  We're very customer focused.  If this plays well with our audience, we'll keep it going for awhile."  Rasputin continues.  "This past December saw a rush of sales and positive feedback for our first product, the Exemplar Colored Pencils.  This demonstrated to us the viability of our approach; attractively designed, unique products for creators of all ages.  Launching the VIP Club gives customers an opportunity to more closely follow our products and benefit through special deals and discounts."  

Looking forward, Rasputin states Colorolio is planning a revamp of its popular Exemplar Set.  He anticipates an April release.  "We want to continue to expand our product line to our growing list of customers.  VIP members will be the first to know when it arrives."

Availability and Pricing

Colorolio's Pebble Eraser is now available exclusively on  Colorolio recently announced a scratch and dent sale of its Exemplar set of 24 artist grade colored pencils as well. Pricing details, technical specifications, and a full list of features and benefits for both products are available online at

Colorolio features some of the highest quality tools for artists and writers available on the market today. Whether one is drawing still lifes, designing costumes, or sketching for fun, Colorolio creates elegant tools for creators that are both fun and practical.  Colorolio stands by their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, details of which can be found on their website.