Colorfolio Launches on Kickstarter


Colorolio LTD, Ohio based art and design company, is announcing its first ever crowd funded effort.  On May 24, Colorolio launched funding for the Colorfolio, an innovative solution for the Adult Coloring Book Artist. Crowdfunding has become a popular way to launch or test market interesting and new products.  Kickstarter, based in New York City, has emerged as the leader in the crowdfunding space.  Colorolio believes Kickstarter is the best way to give early adopters a product built specifically for the Coloring Book Community.

With the popularity of Coloring Book Meet-ups and Weekend Coloring Parties comes problems to be solved. These artists must carry dozens of pens and pencils with them as well as their coloring books.  Must adult colorists just stuff all this in a bag, which doesn’t offer ideal organization or protection for what are often fragile, but costly, tools of the hobby.  Peter Rasputin, Colorolio’s Operations Manager, states that Colorolio recognized there was a possible market for tackling these issues.

“We wanted to create a folio,” says Rasputin.  “A folio that had a ‘form follows function’ vibe.  We designed ours over months with input from family, friends, and artists in the coloring book space.  Each had their own pet peeve they wanted to see addressed, but all agreed basic problems they wanted solved.  Picking and choosing colors had to be simple and easy; they were tired of rummaging around for the right color.  They wanted something that would organize and protect their pencils.  Finally, they wanted protection for their coloring books.”  Rasputin laughs. “Of course, we wanted the whole thing to look cool at the same time!”

“We experimented,” Rasputin continues.  “We considered a magnetic snap to hold it all together, but that didn’t keep coloring books in place.  Nor would it save the pencils from falling out…”  Final consideration was the look of the folio, according to Rasputin.  It had to be coloring book specific.  So, Colorolio created, with their German designer, a look for the Colorfolio that announced its function through the cover art.  Color folio’s three planned variations each uses mandalas extensively.  Mandalas are a very popular subject in Adult Coloring Books.  “So, that seemed the way to go,” says Rasputin.

With prototyping out of the way, Colorolio hopes to bring an all but fully realized product to the Adult Coloring Book Community.  Through Kickstarter, Colorfolio hopes to find additional funding as well as introduce themselves to the wider community.  “Most of our sales have been on the Amazon platform.  Pre-selling through Kickstarter is another company first.”


The Colorfolio is available now for funding on Kickstarter through June 19th, 2016.  Three different covers and interiors can be chosen by backers of the project, with price tiers as low as $3.  Estimated delivery, should the project be fully funded, is Nov. 2016.